access to success

Access to Success is India’s first holistic child development program designed to help kids aged 5-14 years identify their true potential and with it, their path to a lifetime of happiness and success.

By combining Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis application with a Whole Brain Development workshop.

Access to Success:

Understands and guides children, based on their innate highs and lows (inborn intelligences / learning style / personality type).
Enhances their learning capacity multifold, with the use of several techniques.
It is based on Nobel Prize winning researches and endorsed by eminent professionals in the fields of Education and Child Psychology in India.

program structure

Mapping the innate Potential

DMIA studies your child’s fingerprint patterns which reveal congenital links with their intrinsic qualities and talents. Science has discovered that the amount of brain cells distributed in different parts of the brain, helps understand a person’s multiple intelligences as well as his innate potential capabilities and personality.


Importance of Whole Brain Stimulation

The interbrain is the smallest region and the most important part of the brain. It regulates the left and right brain functions, thereby boosting the brain’s processing power and learning capacity.

Activating the Interbrain results in achieving the brain’s peak performance.

Generally, more focus is laid upon one half of the child’s brain. “THE LEFT BRAIN”. This means that the brain is not utilised as per its optimum

Left and right brain hemispheres

Learning Techniques

Greater academic prowess
Enhanced social, kinesthetic, language and spatial skills
Heightened sensory perception and intuition
Improved memory and concentration
Enhanced logical and creative abilities
Improved self confidence, IQ and EQ