Brain & Music

Grandfather clocks placed in the same room will tend to swing their pendulums in sync with the dominant or largest pendulum. Crowds at a concert will tend to clap in unison to the same beats. These are all examples of entrainment — a powerful and universal natural phenomenon that creates rhythmic alignment.

Music with fast beats speed up our brain waves. Similarly, music with slow beats slows them down. When this happens, the brain responds by synchronizing its own electric cycles to the same rhythm. Touch, photic and auditory stimulation are all capable of affecting brain wave activity. This Frequency Following Response (FFR) effect of brain waves in response to rhythmic stimulation is called “Brain Wave Entrainment” (BWE).

Memory Grip Academy (in association with Brain Barn Edu), facilitates brain entrainment using sessions of music with embedded vibrations, theta and alpha progressive meditation which lead to Whole Brain Activation.

We have created various sound wave vibrations which have the ability to guide the natural brain wave pattern to vibrate at required frequencies, there by allowing neurons to fire and create new neural pathways across different sections of the brain.

Neural pathways are responsible for concentration, comprehension, reading and writing speed, retention and recall.

Firing up of multiple new neural pathways prepares the brain for an increased processing capacity and higher learning capabilities.

Post the awakening of the interbrain through sound waves entrainment, a simple daily practise session of 10-15 mins must be continued for enhancing the capabilities and whole brain effectiveness.